Director's Biography

Kamal Tabrizi

Kamal Tabrizi was Born in Tehran in 1959. Graduated in Cinema from the College of Cinema and Theater, Arts University. Began his artistic activities with photography, screenwriting and directing short films in 1979.


SHORT FILMS(as director) 1979: A Revolution greater than the first revolution, 1980: This is the University Campus, Seekers of Martyrdom (all three films, direction, screenwriting, co-editing and photography), The film we made, (also photographer). (In other capacities), 1982: Chronicle of the battle (photographer), 1988: The Broken line (editor).

FEATURE FILMS 1988: The passage (also collaboration in art direction), 1990: On the Altar of love (also screenwriter), 1993: End of childhood (also editor, winner of Diploma of Honor best child actor at 12th Fajr festival), 1995: Leily is with me (also script revision, editor, art director, project manager. Winner of Diploma of Honor of best actor, Parviz Parastuie, and Crystal Simorgh prize of best script at 14th Fajr festival). (In other capacities): 1983: Call of the Unknown (photographer for TV), 1985: The Illusion (photographer), 1989: Up to the moment of meeting (photographer editor), 1992: Fire in Harvest (photographer, project manager). 1998: Sheida

TV SERIES (as director): 1995: Leily is with me. (In other capacities) 1992: Fire in Harvest (photographer, project manager). and best music. 1999: The Red Ribbon, which take part in many international Film Festival as 1999 San Sebastian Film Festival and 2000 Goteborg Film Festival and also Film Festival and also won best editing in Iranian cinema competition and best actress and best director in International competition of 17th Fajr Film Festival.